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How to move on if your scholarship application is rejected

It’s only natural to feel devastated when you open your mailbox and receive a scholarship rejection email. When that happens, you might start to doubt yourself with insecurities about why you are rejected while other people seem to be awarded scholarships annually. You might even think that you have been doing something wrong or maybe you are not good enough.

So how do we overcome it and try to avoid being rejected next time?

1. Console yourself

You should bear in mind that rejection is a normal part of life and even experienced by the greatest and smartest of people. Behind every successful award scholarship are multiple rejections and there’s no shame in that because we all have to confront it no matter what.

2. Bring out your weaknesses and mistakes from your previous rejection

Rejection sometimes doesn’t mean that you are not qualified enough. Most scholarships specify the terms under which appropriate candidates are eligible. This might include the applicant’s age, volunteering experience, participation in extracurricular activities, achievements, the area of study, level of study and many other things. So if your qualifications are not eligible for the scholarship requirements, you can be quite sure of getting rejected.

Moreover, it’s really fascinating when you find one sample essay just in front of you, that live up to your expectation while surfing on the Internet. You might copy it into your personal essays considering that nobody would notice it. However, getting caught plagiarizing is risky and not worth it. So, try making your own and learn from the mistakes in your previous failures.

3. Do not forget that more opportunities are waiting ahead

Continue to look for more opportunities. We normally feel depressed when we prepare our best and put much effort into our application and, still experiencing rejection. However, it should be only temporary and we must try to move on, knowing that there are more opportunities waiting up ahead for us. Don’t let that one failed attempt to stop you from looking for more opportunities.

4.Improve your application

As you continue to scope the possibilities ahead of you, go back to your application documents and find out where you can improve it differently, better than the last time. Reach out to people who have been awarded scholarships and get tips from them. Schedule information sessions with scholars who are willing to guide you through the application process. Do talk to and communicate regularly with a reliable mentor about how you can improve your application. Make sure you highlight all your achievements and strengths in your CV.

5. Give yourself a second chance

Think about it; you don’t have to start again from zero. You already possess qualifications and know how to build on your next application. So try again; as they always say, it’s never too late to try. Plus, it will be worth your time and effort to give your application a second shot.

Bear in mind that your scholarship application being accepted or rejected doesn’t define who you are. So, quit giving up just on the first attempt and you will thank your future self for it.

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