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YSE Volunteer & Internship

Youth Society for Education (YSE) is offering various volunteer and internship opportunities to everyone to get involved and become known in the community.


YSE offers two annual volunteer opportunities at Taung Pu Lu Monastery Kathina (Kha-Htain) Event and YSE Thingyan Event. We will keep you updated on further upcoming events for other volunteer opportunities. 



If you want to learn more about YSE and practice hands-on management skills, you are welcome to join our internship team. Each internship will last for 6 months and you can extend your internship depending on your eligibility. If you want to join our regular YSE officer team, you will be evaluated according to your performance during your internship period. To see open internship positions, click here!


If you have any questions about volunteer and internship opportunities, feel free to CONTACT US!


Community Involvement

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