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Not only are libraries the homes of knowledge, they are ESSENTIAL resources for students who do not have a study place at home, and for people who do not have access to learning materials. Regardless, there are millions of children and youths around the world lacking this essential resource for their education

In Myanmar where we visited, the need of libraries is an alarming concern. The majority of Burmese population relies on the public education which is weakly funded by the government. Most public schools do not have school libraries, or even if they have one, it is commonly in very poor conditions to be used and often is closed. 

Starting from the beginning of January 2015 after our visit, we have been dedicating our efforts to build a public library in Bago, Myanmar (Burma).  The library is now completed and opened on June 9th, 2015.  However, we are still collecting donation to support the necessary tools and supplies for the library. YSE believes that every human on earth, no matter where we live, should get a proper education since knowledge is the door to freedom and the key to success.  Everyone should have access to a nice and quiet place where we all can obtain the knowledge and solutions to our problems, i.e., of course including children in Bago Region, Myanmar.  We understand that not everyone can financially support YSE; however, the accomplishment of this library project depends on everyone.  You have the power to help us build a library that is going to provide unlimited knowledge to a lot of children in Bago.  So please, spread this news to the world and you are already bringing us a step closer to reach our goal. 


Here is how you can help:

(1) SHARE on FB, Instagram, or tweet about this great cause.

(2) Talk with your friends, family, and the ones who are able to help.

(3) Bring your friends and sign up to Volunteer with YSE in the future fundraising events.  Better yet, if you live in Burma and want to donate books or money, you can do it now by contacting us!!!


You can also contact directly to:

Su Sandar Nwe (Yangon Branch President)

Ph – 09254977700

Ph – 09777745813 

Thank you all for your generosity and support! (Please visit our FB page to see more photos!)


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