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    Business English Class x MM TESOL

Business English Class is a 8-week class which aims to develop professional English skills of students with interactive lessons from experienced teachers. With the support from our donors and collaboration with MM TESOL©, we open Business English Class at affordable fees to create inclusive learning environment for all. Additionally, for enthusiastic students who have financial difficulties, we’re welcome to provide them financial aid for the class.

  • Participants                  

  • Targeted students

  • Time

  • Training Days

  • Starting Date

  • End Date

  • Class Fees

  • Learning Materials

:     20 (Maximum) 

:     Aged 18-25 Young Professionals

:     6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

:     Saturday & Sunday

:     10th February 2024

:     31st March 2024

:     25,000 MMK

:     E-books, powerpoint slides will be provided

* Certificates will be issued upon completion of the course.



  • Business English focuses on enhancing communication skills specific to professional settings.  

  • Emphasizes proper business writing etiquette, including the structure of business documents, formal letters,

  • Engage in professional networking.

  • Understanding persuasive language, using appropriate tone, and structuring arguments convincingly.

  • Improved language skills lead to increased confidence when communicating in a professional environment.

  • Learners can be able to deal with different communication styles and scenarios, fostering adaptability.


Tr. Thazin Phyu


Thazin Phyu is an educator and academic leader with a strong background in English language teaching and school administration. With a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English, she has developed a deep understanding of language, literature and communications. Her dedication in education led her to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching, to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in effective teaching methodology. Additionally, she holds the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from Cambridge Assessment. For the past 13 years, she has worked as the principal of STREAMLINE Training-Learning Centre which is a well-regarded educational institution. Outside of her professional responsibilities, she actively participates in professional development activities to stay updated on emerging trends and best practices in teaching. 

She is also one of the volunteers for MmTESOL. She has conducted workshops and teacher training courses and also participated as a panelist in ASEAN Teachers Webinar Series hosted by the British Council.

Tr. Thuzar

Thu Zar is an experienced educator who has taught at both primary and tertiary levels in international schools for many years. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English, a Diploma in English Language Teaching, and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from Cambridge. She is a dedicated volunteer at MmTESOL, and has gained international administrative experience by attending workshops and seminars in China, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Throughout her career, she has remained committed to the success of her students and colleagues in English language teaching by constantly learning, sharing knowledge, and training others.



STEP 1: Take the English Level test.


   [   Click here: English test with free certification | EF SET    ]

STEP 2: Fill the application form below. 

* Notice : You will be informed via email if you are selected for the class.

  • Can I ask for financial aid for this Business English Class?
    Yes, you can get financial support if you are willing to learn and have proven financial difficulties.
  • Who is more eligible to receive need- based financial aid?
    We prioritize diversity in every learning environment. We provide aid to those who are from distant places with difficult internet access or those who can’t afford the class although you have concrete reasons to attend the class till the end.
  • Where can I upload my English level test?
    In the google form, you can attach your file as either photo format or pdf format.
  • I have taken other English Level tests, can I upload them too?
    Yes, you can upload other English qualification documents to prove your level.

Q & A Session

* If you have more questions, contact us via

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