Wut Yee Htwe

California College of the Arts (Class of 2017) California Branch Vice President

(interviewed on June 2, 2018)

Q#1: Give us a fun introduction about yourself.

Demi: I have more than five names. Different groups of people give me different names which is helpful for me to memorize them based on how they call me. Mostly call me Demi or Wut.

I studied 3 years in Hua Qiao University, Xiamen, China after I finished high school in Myanmar. I graduated from California College of the Arts with Bachelor of Architecture in 2017 and currently working as a designer at Panafold, San Francisco. I want to be an architect who can provide happiness and bring smiles to different kinds of people.

I like most of the outdoor activities and only two indoor activities, which are playing cards and board games. One of my favorites is traveling. Wherever I go, I always find my happiness, enjoy the moment and keep it in my memory.


Q#2: When did you join YSE & what is your current position?

Demi: I joined YSE in 2013 and my current position is Vice President of Daly City Branch.


Q#3: Share with us your general responsibilities as a CA Branch President.

Demi: When there is an event, I need to manage the whole team with our President, Ko Jia Lu. We look for sponsors which is the most challenging part, assign our officers to different tasks, arrange transportation, paperwork, etc. Luckily, I have an amazing team that always help me.


Q#4: Tell us about one of the best memories with YSE.

Demi: In 2016 Taungpulu event. It was a heavy rain but none of our volunteers stopped working at the event. We walked back and forth between the passenger drop off place and the event site for welcoming all the customers who come to the event, especially to older people with big umbrellas even we all got soaked by the rain. Surprisingly, all the volunteers had fun in the rain and no one complained about getting wet.


Q#5: Why would you recommend someone to join YSE?

Demi: YSE is a great non-profit organization. First of all, you will get to know so many wonderful people, will gain different hands-on experience and will get lots of knowledge about community. This organization’s purpose is to educate low-income people in undeveloped countries, which is very clear, strong and straightforward. Everyone in the team has only one dream, one direction. We love to educate people in the meanwhile we are educating ourselves.


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