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Me and My lesson plans for 45 minutes or Teacher’s lesson plans for 45 minutes

As the saying goes, “Education is essential for all and one teacher, one child and one book can change the world”. Therefore, teaching is the sharing of jobs and carrying out good merits for the sake of the students. That is why I would like to express how teachers can create happiness in the classroom due to my experiences. Then, I plan for the first 45 minutes for my students in order to create a happy, productive learning environment.

How to write a perfect lesson plan (Photo credit to

First of all, I write down my lesson plans before I start teaching. The lesson plan includes the objectives, the activities, timelines, the topics, and the number of students and assistant teachers. The most important one in the teaching is the details mentioned about the three types of learning styles as there are three main types. The visual learners like to learn by seeing many colorful demonstrations, decorations, and wonderful drawings. At the same time, the auditory learners prefer learning by singing songs, repeating the lessons by conversing with friends, asking many questions each other and questions to the teacher. The Kinesthetic learners prefer learning by using their body parts like drawing, playing games with the lessons, Therefore, the very first task that I ever do is to prepare lesson plans and research about the lessons and content I would like to teach.

Secondly, after doing plans for specific lessons, I set the classroom with teaching materials and classroom sizes. In the third stage, I start reviewing by asking questions “What do you remember about the lessons that the teachers taught you yesterday?” and “What do you think about what you will learn today? How will you learn about it today?” This is because these kinds of questions will lead the students to be motivated by what they will learn. Then, I make a quick note on what and how they respond to me about lessons because I can also decide whether they can understand with my teaching or not based on the responses. That is why asking questions in the first moment of the class make them be active and It is the student-center learning style and it has gone 10 minutes by reviewing the lessons.

In the fourth stage, I want to make the students focus on my lessons so I ask them to sing songs related to my lessons; I believe songs should be included in lessons. Then, I explain this meaning of the songs to them. Not only does this make the students start learning actively by repeating the songs, it helps the auditory learners massively with their learning process; this activity will go on for at least another 5 minutes.

At the fifth stage, I will try to make a presentation about lessons by using whiteboards, demonstrations and powerpoint presentations. While explaining and lecturing, these screens display fancy words and interesting pictures for the students. This method conveys my teaching properly and aids the most to visual learners.

After 10 minutes of the teaching time, I turn my attention to the Kinesthetic learners who like to do activities. The most useful for me is to use the teamwork games where students help each other in the classroom such as a game where the students will choose the words in the classrooms by moving one place to another. That would take around 15 minutes and altogether we can finish up with 45 minutes for a class.

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