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Why haven’t we succeeded yet?

We get frustrated when things do not go as well as we planned. No matter how hard we work, no matter how hard we try, how much we plan or how badly we want it, we are not living up to our dreams. As a result, we jump into the wrong conclusion by blaming our destinies for not being fortunate enough or lucky enough. However, the biggest obstacle to success is probably OURSELVES. We might not want to admit it but that’s most likely one of the reasons why we still haven’t achieved our vision of success.

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Here are a few reasons why success slips through our hands:

1.Having no specific future plan

We are uncertain of what we want. We can see ourselves in the next 10 years, achieving success and living the life of our dreams. But we do not know how to get there. This maybe because we haven’t planned enough and we need to come up with more research, or maybe we are just too scared to begin.

2.Lack of Passion

Lack of passion is one of the reasons that cause the most failure in pursuing success. Money should not always be the reason behind the field of our career choice. The journey to determine what really drives you the most is never easy, but it is worth it and we will be able to find our passion and it will lead us to a more fulfilling and successful life.

3.No Learning from Mistakes

We all make mistakes and mistakes are made to learn from. We can minimize it but it will never disappear, and we need to accept it as part of the process. Practice does not always mean perfection but proceeding to perfect the practice leads to success. However, it is illogical to commit a series of mistakes and not learn from them in return. There should be certain inferences into why we have caused mistakes and try to avoid making the same mistake again.

4. Always staying in Comfort Zone

Change can be a big deal. But anything worth doing is bound to bring some fear. We will not be able to achieve anything if we always shy away from making a big move. Fear is just a waste of time and resources. Real success requires hard work and dedication. So, step out of the comfort zone and start stepping into the challenging zone for getting one more pace toward success.

5.Giving up so Easily

An arrow can only be shot by pulling the bowstring backward with force and releasing it to hit the target. The same thing goes for gaining success. When life is dragging you back with difficulties to make us give up so bad, it means that it’s going to launch us into something great. So just focus and keep aiming for success!

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