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Who is more Reliable? (Part I)

Who is more Reliable?

THIS question is incomplete. What I want to ask is “Who is more honest, the positive sounding person or the negative sounding person?”. Many of us may acknowledge that the positive sounding person is. I only partially agree with this because some of us might hold the opinion that, not every positive sounding person are positive minded nor honest. In the same way, not all negative sounding people are negative minded nor dishonest.

Before we proceed any further, we should be crystal clear about the concepts of the terms “positive sounding” and “positive minded” and also the “negative sounding” and “negative-minded”. A person may not be optimistic just because he speaks only constructive words, and a person who speaks destructive words is not always a negative minded person. The first person may not be telling the truth or he could be just flattering or sweet-talking to please others’ desires, especially his superiors to get favors. Whilst the second person’s words may sound negative, they could be the truth and not the flatteries like the first ones, but he risked being labeled as a pessimist and earned the wraths of his high-positioned seniors. He did not choose to please others by telling lies which could potentially ruin his own dignity, personal image, and reputation. In fact, the type of sentiment that the second person possesses is more open, honest, and loyal than the first, and thus more trustworthy. Here, I didn’t mention every positive speaker are liars and every negative speaker are straight shooters.

Thus, what I want to suggest is, don’t be reckless and hasty to acknowledge a positive person or a negative person just by judging on their words and comments. People in high positions should be able to assess and evaluate their subordinates correctly so as not to mistake a person, either to be a positive or negative person.

Part II will be published next week. Stay Tuned!!!

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