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Five_Q&A_Officer_Profile: Akayi Thein

(interviewed on July 17, 2018)

Akayi Thein

Cornell University (Human Biology, Health and Society, Class of 2019)

Award & Honor: Best YSE officer of 2016

Q#1: Give us a fun introduction about yourself.

Akayi: Hello all! My name is Akayi (Akery) -- nearly rhyme with “bakery.” Many people think my name is Japanese but it is actually Burmese. Fun Fact for Burmese 101: Akery means “Queen” in Burmese language. I am originally from Myanmar and currently studying in New York. My dream is to be a good and efficient doctor in the future. I like reading, drawing, driving, whale watching and helping others. Fun fact about me is that the only pet I had was a slime mold called Slimmy and I brought him from my Microbio lab.

Q#2: When did you join YSE & what is your current position?

Akayi: I joined YSE in 2016 as iSTE(A)M Program Director. I am currently volunteering as Chief Operating Officer.

Q#3: Share with us your general responsibilities as a Chief Operating Officer.

Akayi: Since I am in New York and away from most of YSE teammates, I just support the team with project management which is mostly done via online meetings. My responsibilities include creating project plans and setting up guidelines, assigning officers for specific roles and to oversee the projects. I am lucky to work with the energetic and talented team members, that makes my work a lot easier.

Q#4: Tell us about one of the best memories with YSE.

Akayi: I love working closely with the Executive team as well as with individual officers and interns. I find getting to know each of my YSE teammates very rewarding, and that makes great memories everyday as I work, so it is not easy for me to pick just one. Just this time of working with passionate people and impacting other lives altogether is so precious and unforgettable for me.

Q#5: Why would you recommend someone to join YSE?

Akayi: YSE is an inclusive and empowering environment where you will find many opportunities to freely explore your talents and apply them for a good cause. Helping others with whatever you are capable of could be a much more rewarding and fulfilling experience than you may think. You will also get to know wonderful people with beautiful souls in YSE, be inspired by them and ultimately become an inspiring person yourself. I strongly encourage everyone to join YSE, explore or improve your talents, be a part of making a difference in our community and succeed! We all know that we can succeed individually, but together, we can project a better future!


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