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(interviewed on May 3, 2018)

_Jia Lu (University of California, Berkeley, B.S. in Business Administration)

California Branch President

Q#1: Give us a fun introduction to yourself.

JiaL: Jia Lu, known as YSE grandfather, looks like a teenager who likes to empower education. I am passionate about technology and social entrepreneurship, which drive social innovation and transformation in educational development.

Q#2: When did you join YSE & what is your current position?

JiaL: I became a YSE family member in 2013 as a project manager. Currently, serving as a California Branch President.

Q#3: Share with us your general responsibilities as a CA Branch President.

JiaL: Mainly outreaching, collaborating, seeking sponsors, maintaining the relationship with donors and sponsors. In my role, I am strategically organized and coordinate with CEO in fundraising events for underprivileged students. Meanwhile, assist CFO for year-end financial statements, bookkeeping, and income statement.

Q#4: Tell us about one of the best memories with YSE.

JiaL: We as a team, always work hard, play hard. The best memories with YSE would be working on projects during day and night, even in the final exam week. That’s how we love to make an impact on our community. At the same time, we never failed to play hard during our work, for instance, during the annual fundraising event, Chinese New Year volunteer, and Burmese New Year (Bay Area Thingyan) event. All the memories create an extraordinary event in my time at YSE.

Q#5: Why would you recommend someone to join YSE?

JiaL: I learned passion from our peers who love contributing to our community. Giving is rewarding: every time we contribute/make an impact on the community, there is always getting back. Getting into the best school is my dream, and it happened. These experiences and skills set transferring well in my college life and even in the real life. All the YSE officers and interns become successful during their time at YSE. Never underestimate yourself. You are the next game changer, join us!


Facebook: Youth Society For Education

Instagram: yse.usa


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