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24 Common Pro-NUN-ciation Mistakes

*A phone call between friends*

A: Hey, let’s get FUH later!

B: Huh? What did you say?

A: FUH! Let’s get FUH!

B: What?

A: FUH! FUH for food!

B: Huh for food? Huh?

A gives up and sends a picture:

B: Oh! You mean, PHOH?

A: No, FUH. It’s pronounced FUH.

B: I don’t believe you.

B googles “pronunciation of pho”... B hangs head in shame.

FYI, I was B.

Hence I gathered a list of commonly mispronounced words to enlighten other unaware individuals. Please don’t feel bad if you’ve been using the wrong pronunciations since forever. They can always be corrected!

Now, let’s correct our mistakes together!


1. Pronunciation

It’s pro-NUN-ciation, not pro-NOUN-ciation.

2. Valet

It’s va-LEY, not va-LET.

3. San Jose

It’s San HOH-ZAY, not San JOH-ZAY.

4. Chipotle

It’s tchee-POHT-lay (American) or tchee-POT-leh (Mexican).

5. Dr. Seuss

It’s Doctor SOICE, not SUESS.

6. Restaurant

It’s RES-tau-rant, not res-TOR-rant.

7. Status

It’s STAY-tus, not STA-tus.

8. Sorbet

It’s SAWR-bit or sawr-BEY.

9. Pilates

It’s pi-LAH-teex, not pi-LATES.

10. Poem

It’s POH-uhm, not po-yem.

11. Asthma

It’s AZ-mah, not AS-the-ma.

12. Wednesday

It’s WENZ-day, not wed-nes-day.

13. Lingerie

It’s lahn-zhuh-REY, not lin-jer-ree.

14. Breakfast

It’s BREK-fast, not BREAK-fast.

15. Monk


16. Dengue

It’s DENG-gee, not deng.

17. Coupon

It’s KOO-pon or KYOO-pon.

18. Bouquet

It’s boh-KEY, not boh-qwhet.

19. Steak

It’s STEYK, not steek.

20. Engineer

It’s en-juh-NEER, not in-juh-neer.

21. Genre

It’s ZHAHN-ruh, not gen-ruh.

22. Cuisine

It’s kwi-ZEEN, not coo-zeen.

23. Crépe

It’s KREYP, not creep.

24. Jewelry

It’s JOOL-ree, not jeh-wel-ree.

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