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❤︎ Mother’s Day Photo Contest ❤︎

@ Credit: Kyi Kyi Cho

❤︎ Mother’s Day Photo Contest ❤︎

⏱⏱⏱ Contest Schedule

Photo submission date - April 23rd, 2018 to May 3rd, 2018 Facebook voting period - May 4th, 2018 to May 9th, 2018 Contest Winner Announcement - May 10th, 2018 Gift delivery date - May 13th, 2018

YSE will deliver surprise gifts to our top three winners.

✎✎✎ Rules and guidelines

1) The contestants must reside in either U.S. or Myanmar. 2) The contestants must “Like” the YSE facebook page. 3) The contestants must comment a screenshot of your shared post on your wall.

4) Make sure to have your post privacy to Public. 5) Photo must be submitted to YSE message box (chat box) or email to no later than May 3rd, 2018. 6) Contestants must send a photo of mother and child in the photo, along with the child’s name, mother’s name, address and phone number. 7) Only one entry per person(contestant) is allowed. 8) Only the number of Likes from YSE Original Photo will be counted. The likes after the voting period will not be counted.

In case of any conflicts during the contest, only YSE page admin's final decision will be considered.

Visit our Facebook page below:

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