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STEVE WOZNIAK was born in San Jose, California, on August 11, 1950. His father was the electrical engineer from Silicon Valley. Wozniak was a highly gifted child and was very interested in technology as a child. Even in sixth grade, he started constructing machines for his school projects. He retained the hobby and continued to build more and more advanced machines throughout his youth years.

While he was in UC Berkeley in 1971, he got to know Steve Jobs from his friend. The two became good partners as they closely worked at the computer game cooperation, Atari, Inc, and the computer giant Hewlett Packard. Wozniak dropped out of college after his first year.

In 1976, using Jobs’ parents’ garage, the two established “Apple Computer” company. Later, the company was renamed as Apple, Inc. There, Wozniak constructed the system and technology of Apple I and Apple II computers. Those computers became a big hit in the technology world as they were sold “ready-made” since there were only disassembled computers in the commercial market until then. Through this success, Wozniak became a multimillionaire.

At this critical rising period, he was unfortunately hit with a stroke of bad luck – he experienced a plane crash in February 1981 and lost his ability to make any long-term memory since then. He eventually recovered from his sufferings after two years, but he chose not to return to Apple. In the years after, he founded several companies such as “CL 9” compan