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Nick Vujicic

Imagine living a life without limbs. It will be a dreadful lifelong nightmare for most of us, but not anymore for Nick Vujicic (age 35) who has found a way to “the life without limits.”

Limits! Each and every day, living in the society, we humans might feel the “limits. The limits themselves are not the problem. However, they will become huge stumbling blocks in our life if we let those limits actually limit our values, actions, hopes, and dreams.

Nick Vujicic was aware of that. As someone born without limbs, Vujicic faced tremendous challenges from the moment of his birth and could not live like a normal human being. At the age of ten, he almost committed suicide from the hopelessness and depression he experienced. Despite his painful early life, he later turned around and figured out how to break the “limits” he had faced. With a change of his mindset, he was able to overcome those limits and achieved success.

Today, he has become a famous evangelist and inspirational speaker since 2004.He has given numerous talks and inspired millions of people around the world about how to turn “walls to doors” and “obstacles to opportunities.” He even earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and financial planning. He got married in 2012 and is now leading a happy life with his wife, Kanae Miyahara, and four kids.

How did he manage himself and lead his way to become a person that he is today?

Learn more about the mindset tips and tricks that he made & get inspired for the rest of your days by watching his inspirational biography and speech videos.


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