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Valentine's Day Promotion

<3 Valentine's Day is just around the corner! <3

To show our love, YSE is making a Special Promotion for Soulmate Naturals beauty products at a discounted price! All funds will go to YSE's iSTEAM program, our after-school program supporting elementary and middle school students in science and technology related disciplines.

By buying any of our products, you will be able to support the growth of these children, and you will be able to enhance your physical beauty and/or your loved ones', if you choose to send a gift set to them. Ready to snag a date for Valentine's? Hurry! Grab that lotion while supplies last.

To order, please contact:

Ei Wai Khin (West Coast) - 650-515-8820 Thizar Kyi (East Coast) - 973-715-4116 Wai Phyo Thi (East Coast) - 415-368-4462 Su Su (Myanmar) - 09-777745813

Visit our Facebook page:

Flyer Design: Kyi K Cho

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