YSE Officer Teams

Los Angeles Branch

Ma Chu





PharmD, University of Missouri – Kansas City (Class of 2017)

Favorite Quote:

"Education is the mother of leadership."


Chu graduated in 2017 from UMKC School of Pharmacy, and she joined YSE as an LA Branch President in October 2018. Chu has served in many professional organizations throughout college, and pharmacy school. With her previous experiences, and through YSE, she would like to help fellow students and younger generation finds the next step in their professional development, and provide assistance through mentorship, fundraising and advising to those who are from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.



Shin Thant

Shin Thant Phyu Thin

Managing Director




High School Senior (Class of 2019)

Favorite Quote:

"Stay Gold.”_The Outsiders


Shin wants to major in Biomedical Engineering in University and attend medical school afterward. Her dream is to become a neurosurgeon. 

Po Pwint Phyu Thin





California State University, Long Beach, Senior (Major: Construction management, Minor: Entrepreneurship)

Favorite Quote:

"You must do the things you think you cannot do.”_Eleanor Roosevelt


As a majoring in construction management, Po is participating in some of the competitions concerning with her major. On the other hand, she loves to volunteer. So, she participated as treasurer officer in some of the student chapters at the university. After her education, she is going to step her foot into construction industry field.



Wyut Yee Htet

Fundraising Project Manager




Gabrielino High School (Senior)


Favorite Quote:

"Everyday is like a test and the possibilities are unlimited."_Lai Guanlin


Wyut is an upbeat person and really enjoy meeting new people. So, she hopes that she makes a lot of new friends and great memories while in YSE.

Phwe Phwe Hlaing

Event Manager




City College of San Francisco (class of 2017)


Favorite Quote:

"See every challenge as an opportunity to learn"



Phwe Loves to learn and learns to share. She believes sharing is the most valuable way to help others.  





Cho Zin Thant

Human Resources




University of Minnesota, Class of 2016 (Manufacturing Operations Management)

Favorite Quote:

"It doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop."_Confucius


Cho said, "I believe being part of a community like YSE will help me grow as a person."

Swan Htet Aung

Public Relations