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YSE Internship



If you want to learn more about YSE and practice hands-on management skills, you are welcome to join our internship team. Each internship will last for 600 hours and you can extend your internship depending on your eligibility. If you want to join our regular YSE officer team, you will be evaluated according to your performance during your internship period.

Social Media and Writing Intern


General Job Description:


Social media and writing intern is tasked with creating weekly blog posts and social media content and is responsible to update YSE activities on our social media platforms.


Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for daily organization of online resources, such as updating YSE facebook page, blogs, and social networking websites with the latest news of the organization.

  • Be able to present at the outreach events, conduct with outside media sources, and

public interviews where necessary.

  • Be able to attend the social media team’s monthly meeting and YSE mandatory meetings.

  • Be able to meet the deadlines and follow the instructions closely.

  • Be enthusiastic but responsible.




  • High School diploma or GED.

  • Excellent writing, communication and teamwork skills.

  • Flexibility to work occasional especially weekends.

  • Ability to present YSE professionally in the community.


To Apply:


Send your resume/CV to

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