June 25, 2018

Wut Yee Htwe

California College of the Arts (Class of 2017)
California Branch Vice President

(interviewed on June 2, 2018)

Q#1: Give us a fun introduction about yourself.

Demi: I have more than five names. Different groups of people give me different n...

June 13, 2018

Some of you might have seen this amazing artistic structure in houses, offices, and malls (figure on the right). It was named “Penrose tiling” after the mathematician Roger Penrose discovered it in 1974.

Penrose was born to a well-known psychiatrist and mathematician Li...

June 5, 2018

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867. Due to her mother’s death and loss of family property, Curie and her siblings faced lack of support for their education. Her father, a school teacher, could not financially support, but strongly encouraged Cur...

June 2, 2018


(interviewed on May 3, 2018)

_Jia Lu (University of California, Berkeley, B.S. in Business Administration)

California Branch President


Q#1: Give us a fun introduction to yourself.

JiaL: Jia Lu, known as YSE grandfather, lo...

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YSE at Burmese Literary Talk

September 26, 2017

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